Life Group Questions from the Sermon on 6/18/17


Ice Breaker: Was there ever a time that you can remember when you, your team, or another team had the lead, lost it, and then ended up making a comeback to win the game?


Say: Today we will talk about how Adam had everything in the Garden of Eden, lost it when he and Eve fell into sin, but then how men can still lead the world back to God.


Rescue People


For some reason, men are typically harder to reach with the Gospel than women, and attendance at church supports that claim. Women are typically more faithful to church than men, but multiple times through Scripture, God calls a man to lead. The vacancy of men in a church is a clear sign that we need to have ministries geared toward reaching men.


  • Why do men disconnect from Christianity?

  • How can the church reach more men?

  • What can our Life Group do to reach more men for the Gospel?


Show Them What We Do



God created a perfect world in Genesis 1. Then, in Genesis 2, the author of Genesis showed us how man was created, how man was set over all of God’s creation, and then how woman was created. Everything in Genesis 2 was perfect, but then Genesis 3 comes and everything took a horrendous turn for the worst. In Genesis 3, Adam was with Eve when she fell to the temptations of Eve, but he did nothing to stop her. Eve might not have fallen to the temptations of Satan if Adam had stood between Eve and her temptation.


  • Why is it important to help someone fight temptation? How can we help someone fight temptation?

  • Last week we talked about a man being the spiritual leader of the marital relationship; how might things have gone differently if Adam had led his wife out of temptation than allowed her to be tempted?

  • How can husbands help their wives fight temptation?


After Eve fell to temptation, Adam fell to the temptation of Eve’s offering. Adam knew not to eat of the tree, but when he did not see his wife fall dead, he likely doubted the authenticity of God’s warning in Gen. 2:17, “but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in that day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” When both had fallen, they both realized they were naked and the nakedness they were not ashamed of in Gen. 2:25 when they were in good standing with God, became something they were afraid of when their relationship with God was severed after their fall into sin. Truly, the unity between husband and wife is best when their relationship with God is the strongest and purest it can be.


  • Why is our relationship with our spouse better when we are right with the Lord?

  • If our relationship with our spouse is better when we are right with the Lord and the husband is the spiritual leader of the home, how can a husband positively impact the marital relationship? (lead the discussion to leading the wife as Christ would have the husband to lead- taking care of her spiritual, emotional, physical, and other needs)

  • How has the sexual union between husband and wife been tarnished by the the world? What should the sexual union between husband and wife resemble?


The fall must have been frustrating for Adam; after all, he was over all and then lead everything into turmoil. Men are supposed to lead, but often times the weight of seeing a world in turmoil overwhelms men and they become apathetic to and shun leadership responsibilities. This turmoil often pushes men away, but the turmoil is also a calling sign to men to step up and lead the world back to God. Turmoil shows the need for Godly men to step up and lead this fallen world back to God; sometimes turmoil is a sign that God has us in the right place to lead for change. For men to lead this world back to God they must first know God, they then must be discipled, and then they must be sent out to change the world. (note: this does not minimize the role of women, but we need Godly men to lead because God honors Godly male leadership in God’s church.)


  • Why do frustrations often cause us to give up?

  • How can turmoil assure us we are in the right place? Does someone have a personal story of turmoil showing that they were in the right place?

  • What steps can the church at large take to make sure men feel welcome, can be equipped, and utilized to lead this world back to God?


Send Them Out to do What We Do


This week we need to pray for men to come to know the Lord and to find their inner turmoil put to rest so that they can in turn, help other men find rest in the Lord. Close out by praying for men to come to know the Lord, to be discipled, and sent out to transform the world with God’s grace.