get plugged in We are always eager to welcome new people into our fellowship. At the close of each worship service, our pastor will invite people to respond.  This is a time to request membership, paryer, or counseling.  Anyone may present themselves as a candidate for membership in one of these ways.

  • Upon a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and requesting to follow the Lord in believer's baptism.
  • Upon request to transfer membership from another Baptist church of like faith and baptism.
  • Upon a statement of faith and baptism when a record of membership from the previous Baptist church is unable to be obtained.
  • By baptism in this church upon a statement of faith by the candidate that their profession occurred while a member of another denomination.
  • Upon a statement of faith and scriptural baptism in a church of another evangelical denomination.
All persons presenting themselves as a candidate for membership must complete a brief membership orientation course. After completion of the church orientation he/she will be presented to the church as a member. The Pastor or any other minister would be pleased to answer any additional questions you may have concerning church membership or baptism.